Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sony Vita E3 News

I'll update this page throughout the week as new stuff appears.

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Little Deviants screens
Dragon's Crown offering PSV/PS3 interplay
Hotshots Golf to hit a hole-on-day-one
Oddworld games coming to Vita
StarDrone looking very sparkly
Ridge Racer coming to NGP

WED UPDATE - Little Big Planet trailer, not sure if I missed this from earlier:

WED UPDATE - Square has said that the next Final Fantasy game, XV, won't be a handheld title, most likely because of storage rather than visual power in the case of the Vita. However, he said that spin-off games will continue and frankly with Crisis Core, Type-O and all the other Final Fantasy games on PSN to play, we've got plenty to be going on with.

WED UPDATE - Irrational's Ken Levine confirms that Bioshock on Vita will be an all-new game, not a remake/rehash or other hatchet job. If he thinks that kind of investment is worth it for the Vita, then hopefully my wory about lots of cut-and-paste games may be unfounded.

UPDATE - Tecmo shows off new Dynasty Warriors title, with heavy emphasis on touch controls. More to follow

UPDATE - Namco announces Ridge Racer for Vita. Remember that Ridge Racer Type 4 PSOne is now out on the EU PSN Store, see the classic intro video.

Monday night was the big event, with the only real new news in the Vita section of the Sony's E3 show announcement being the confirmation of a global launch this year (Fall/Autumn) at $249, €249 £TBA (probably £249 too, rather than the £149 at current exchange rates).

The 3G model will sell for 50 whatevers more, but I really don't see the point unless you're some strange roaming, nomadic gamer. For those folks, social service "Party" will allow friends to gather and play while "Near" will help you find new friends to play with - better titles needed for those!

Games-wise, Ruin (video below) was announced as an NGP/PS3 cross-playing Diablo-style game, while versions of Bioshock, Street Fighter X Tekken and Virtua Tennis 4 were added to the NGP's roster. A few screens have been posted, with LBP look ace, while Sound Shapes just looks strange, but will probably play amazingly.

LBP has never looked better

Or faster

The Vita version gets Cole from Infamous as a playable character

Sound Stage had better play blazingly well

Videos from the E3 presentation:

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