Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sony Vita Appearing for Pre-Order £229 in the UK

Chain store Game in the UK has the Sony Vita WiFi model at £229 and the 3G model at £279.If they are the official prices then I think Sony has a major hit on its hands.

UPDATE - Amazon has it listed as £229 for the WiFi model also and £279 for the 3G version, prices looking pretty solid. No one sticking their necks out with a release date though.

Will update as more details, stores and prices become available. Follow all the breaking E3 news on this page with videos and pics.

I really can't see the appeal of the 3G version, it won't be fast enough for online gaming, so is only there for the Vita's social aspects, which outside finding Monster Hunter buddies in Tokyo isn't going to appeal to many. Would you really pay extra (plus the contract and montly fees) for something that isn't really that useful?

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