Monday, May 16, 2011

PSN: Up, Down, Flying Around, Users Looping the Loop... What's Going On?

Sony opened the floodgates with its EU/US PS3 firmware update at the weekend and since then all kinds of madness has broken out:

Japan remains firmly offline while regulators check if the security is up to spec.

PSP users around the world are left out in the cold, so far. Pity the poor PSPGo owners who have been bereft of any new gaming joy for nearly a month now, that's what you get for being part of Sony's IP-only experiment. One that presumably now has a big FAILED sticker stamped all over it.

PS3 users who have updated are now waiting for their new password resets, this is due to the massive demand, before they can go about having any fun. Apparently Sony had to shut everything off and then back on again at one point!

There's still a long way to go, and no word as yet on what -by-way-of-apology-freebies we'll be getting, they had better be good is all 70-odd million people are saying!

The end message as always is: Remain Calm and Carry On!

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