Wednesday, March 30, 2011

See the Xperia Play Live

If you're in London then Sony Ericsson is holding an Xperia Play launch event where anyone can get their hands on the first proper gaming phone. Presumably, this is part of the £4million marketing campaign, that includes these ace adverts, you can find out more information on SE's Facebook page.

Reviews are appearing all over the web now and while they're not iPhone-orgasmic, they're fairly consistent on the Xperia Play being a quality Android phone boosted by awesome controls. All that is left to find out is will enough folk buy it to make SE's investment worthwhile.

Given that gadget-heads will just have splurged out in the iPad 2, Nintendo 3DS and phone-addicts have a huge range of phones to choose from, I'm not really expecting massive sales out of the door, but expect its userbase to build up slowly as users upgrade from earlier model Androids, or other phones.

One booster comes from Gameloft with its buy-one-get-one-free offer. All-in-all though, good on Sony Ericsson though for promoting this as a major step away from the herd of me-too phones.

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