The PS Vita Family

Sony's PlayStation Vita lives in a funny realm of hope and delight, with plenty of people, developers and sites out there doing Sony's abandoned handheld proud. This list will grow to cover the whole Vita family, and every fan of Sony's portable should get to love each and every contributor!

Welcome to #VitaIsland


Gadget Girl Kylie - very detailed playthroughs of Japanese RPGs
2Old4Gaming - PS Vita reviews and lookbacks
PS Vita Reviews -  over 100 video reviews
Blue Maxima - lots of gameplay to enjoy
6AXIS - live streams and twitch feeds for Killzone and Freedom Wars

News and Reviews

Vita Paradisa - live from Japan!
Tweet Vita Review - bite-sized reviews
Reddit/r/vita - great place to get the latest info and chat
Britta - reviews and news
Last Real Gamer - Vita stuff!
Vita in Paris for French online games and IRL sessions in Paris.
PlaneteVita for the latest news and reviews en Francais. 
PS Vita Club - Giving Vita love a Spanish flavour
Vita Player - another top British effort at Vita news
Punk and Lizard - Vita and PS4 news
MyPSVita - a Polish take on Vita news
The Vita Lounge - Retired!
Gematsu - pronto translations (better than mine) of all the Japanese news

PlayStation EU blog - the official word, often forgets Vita versions
PlayStation US blog - handy for the week's games drop, posted on a Sunday


Limited Run Games - Let's get physical
Ratalaika Games - A torrent of indie fun
Luc Bernard - Many games on the go from Arcade Distillery
COWCAT Games - Demetrios and some cool ports
Rainbite - Reverie and who knows what else to come!
Studio Ravenheart - hard at work on Seraphim
Super Icon - lots of pixel platform fun
Behind the Stone - Dev for Sir Eatsalot
Mixed Bag Games - Futuridium and Forma.8
Nitoris - Boxing and sports
Spooky Squid - Russian Subway Dogs
Robert Boyd - Cosmic Star Heroine
Abylight - Cursed Castilla and more
Eastasiasoft - More physical releases