Foxxio planned for Vita with a 2021 release date

Not sure how many ifs, coulds or maybes this story requires, but German solo-developer Foxxio, has confirmed a Vita version of the platformer, if a planned multi-format Kickstarter succeeds. With a scheduled release of Q2 2021, that would make it the first game beyond the Vita's 10th EU birthday, ignoring delayed titles. Which is cool, assuming Sony keep the pipes running until then and the game gets finished, and approved by Sony.

UPDATE (for additional clarity) The devs state: "Engine Switch is nearly complete so we can confirm PC, PS4, PSVITA, SWITCH. However the reason we stayed so carefully about a PSVITA Port was that we were unsure about the Game Conversation from EngineA to EngineB, that worked now - so we can progress further in development."

There are some early demos of the prototype in action on their YouTube channel, the team have been working for two years on their foxy-platformer. But much work has been done since then, and you can see plenty more recent images on their Twitter.

With a cute fox navigating a dark world populated by monsters and mechs, guided by a spiritual vulpine friend, it looks good and the developers have finished off the first level recently, so progress is being made.

Hope it all works out, and look forward to playing Foxxio on my 10-year old Vita!