Mekorama offers puzzle fun for the Vita

Mekorama is a very well-rated, award-winning, puzzle game from the mobile world, headed to the Vita thanks to Ratalaika Games, if a new trophy listing is anything to go by.

Developed by Swedish coder Martin Magni, a little robot with a giant eyeball has to waddle his way to the goal around isometric towers, getting past a range of challenges. Tilt the perspective and zoom in and out to find a way through across 50 levels, blocked by other robots, lifts and other obstructions.

Also, in the mobile version at least, players can build their own levels in Mekorama and other gamers can scan in a QR code to access them. Could this be an actual use for the Vita camera? Or will they scrap that element? Either way, this has bags of charm and will give the Vita's touchscreen a good workout.