Review: Football Game

For as much as America has turned into a slimeball state, there's still that slight fascination for us old English with all things Americana - and their dumb traditions: jocks vs nerds, college ball games (Go, Turbines!), dates and proms, all that shit. Cloak and Dagger Games (a British developer judging by their non-functional web address) bring a fresh dose with their latest adventure.

Wrapped up neatly in Football Game it provides the backdrop for a brief adventure through this slightly sordid land and the tropes that litter it. You start out at home, looking to get past your protective (wasted?) mom, then getting the car, a present and trying to find your girlfriend at the ball game. All the while playing through those 80s/90s/00s movie plot staples, like climbing in the window up a tree, memories of hot dates, locker room humour, etc. etc.

There's a few things to look at, inspect or interact with per scene, with a limited number of objects to pick up and use in a logical fashion - the quarter goes in the vending machine - nothing too taxing. And each character has a few knuckle-headed or smart lines to help or hinder your progress, with a few tasks to lengthen the adventure.

The stripped back graphics add to the nostalgia feel with bursts of media through flashbacks, TV screens and cassette decks adding to the overall feel and effect. It looks rough out of context, but on the Vita's screen, the animation and style work well, but don't expect gallery-quality art here.

With just a hint of creepy, perhaps expected by us because most of the recent Vita adventures have been rather dark, and a slightly bleak tone, this is worth the short playthrough and to help support the growing number of adventures coming our way.

Score: 6/10
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Price: £3.99 (PSN)
Developer/publisher: Cloak and Dagger Games/Ratalaika
File size 190MB
Progress: Completed
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