Review: Gravity Duck

Gravity Duck offers a clever twist on the platforming challenge, where jumping puts you on the ceiling or back on the floor, and going through a gravity gate puts you on walls. With that in mind you need to navigate tricks and traps, bats, spitting vegetables and other threats to collect golden eggs at the end of each of the 140-some levels.

Set across a forest, underground, mountains and city backdrops, each puzzle adds a smidge of complexity or challenge, with the joy of doing it all again if you get it wrong. The Duck is on this mission, charged by a stone totem to collect the eggs, and that's about it for the plot but you have little time to worry as arrow blocks and laser beams start triggering to impede your progress.

The first few levels show you the gravitational ropes, and then its a matter of finding the solution to reach the end of each level. There's plenty of mistakes to make along the way as parts of the level can be obscured, or you time a jump just as the sliding block comes back at you. Still, its another easy platinum to the collection and the later levels to pack a fearsome challenge.

Gravity Duck is another neat challenge of narrow pixel escapes for Vita owners, but there are seriously too many of these coming thick and fast now, hot on the heels of Hoggy2, Awesome Pea and many more.  If someone wants to up their game, add some plot, add different routes, add secrets, add anything to make it just a little different.

Score: 6/10
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Price: £3.99 (PSN)
Developer/publisher: Somepx/Woblyware/Ratalaika
File size 29MB
Progress:  Platinum
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