PlayStation 5 will be more about the streaming

Sony's corporate investor day, where it explains its plans to shareholders and other investors, was light on juice, but interesting on the ground work going on for PlayStation 5. Of most interest from PlayStation's Jim Ryan's presentation is the focus on streaming to multiple devices, even though the company ignored the Vita on its pretty picture of compatible devices.

While streaming to every billion-selling device is good for the numbers, surely Sony needs a dedicated device to save people lugging controller, connector, battery pack, and other gadgets around. That's not optimal compared to what a HD/5G Vita 2 could offer.

Sony also bigs up PlayStation now, even though it only has 700,000 users, something else that used to work fine on the Vita until Sony pulled support for it. If that's part of the backward-compatible future, even a cheaper PlayStation Now portable box would do the trick.

And with backward compatibility finally being recognised as more than just a "nice-to-have", the Vita 2 could also come with that library of \PSP and Vita games, which would look better on a small screen than on a whopping 4K TV.


  1. As much as i want to believe it, i think Sony is done with the portable market at least until they are confident enough to put out a new product with top of the range specs that can future-proof itself in the ever-changing mobile industry. Sony i agree should not have pulled the plug on PS Now on Vita if it was still running i would keep paying the subscription but they sadly are not. A PS Vita 2 or another Sony NGP i feel at this point is a pipe dream unless they truly commit to game streaming where they would only have to suck it up and make a hybrid console for PlayStation 5 that would make their streaming and portable game system be a reality. Nintendo hit the nail on the head with the Switch that is where gaming should be going and that is where it will eventually end up.

    1. So triggered to sony portables Nintendrone corporate slave Lmao

      Roasting this to my discord so they can laugh at you be a Nintendo fanboy. Lol


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