Updates on Heart Forth Alicia and Monster Crown Kickstarters

There's part of me now that fears opening a Kickstarter email, wondering if they've dropped the Vita version. But no worries today as both Heart Forth Alicia and Monster Crown seem to be progressing well. While I guess none-to-few developers would add a KS Vita stretch goal in 2019, there's still a few to come, check the list.

On HFA, Alfonso Martin writes, "Work these past months has been concentrated on all fronts of development. On the graphical side, Deryk and I have continued hammering away at all the missing pixel art assets for these and other later areas of the game.  This, at times, can be an arduous process considering the sheer volume of work. Yet, the diversity of locations which range from abandoned culverts to beautiful cathedrals, has made these past few months especially engaging to develop."

And for Monster Crown, Studio Aurum is pretty perky, "I find myself standing on a bit of a precipice. The Kickstarter was a huge event in my life and a very exciting time for us (and I know for you too!). Since then we've found a publisher, began work on console ports, and used updates as an opportunity to show off new areas, new features and new monsters. At the same time I look into the future, and see announcements on the way, info, footage, starting in just a few weeks and continuing to hit like a ton of bricks!