Media Create Vita sales firm at the end of 2018 in Japan

The delayed Media Create sales figures for the last week of 2018 have turned up, showing that the Vita sold over 3,500 units, making for almost 13K sales in the month of December, and trundling along nicely, if you ignore that it sold over 14K in one week alone in 2017's holiday sales.

Things perked up a bit more for the first week of 2019, with the Vita shifting over, 4,100 units. Surely exports are now playing a key role in those sales?

This is probably the last chart I'll write up, unless there's some crazy sales move or a Vita release actually hits the game chart, but will continue to tweet the sales figures and chart over 2019, as far as it goes.

Total sales are over 5.95 million, already a million down on the newer Switch, a couple down on Japanese PS4 sales and trillions below 3DS/2DS sales. So, not a sales success, but still an awesome piece of hardware.