Firmware 3.70 arrives for Vita, brace yourselves!

Things Sony could do in a firmware update:

Improve the LiveTweet Twitter app to support 280 characters and multiple image uploads.
Update the Browser to better support YouTube and other vital popular sites
Show free card space on the information bar at the top of the screen
Tweaking the PS4 Link app for stronger WiFi connection, or give us more data, than just the weak connection icon, as Remote Play is an increasingly common use.
Make global sharing with PS3 happen so we can play any game remotely too.

Things Sony's latest 3.70 firmware app does:


Seriously Sony, a little love as you kick the barn door shut?

Specifically, the Vita homebrew community has had a look and notes changes to the Calendar and Near Apps, presumably to defeat any future hacking attempts, rather than improving them for users.