Monday, December 31, 2018

Hello 2019, where the Vita still rocks!

Welcome to 2019, effectively the last stand of the Vita against a world that has moved on several hardware generations over the eight years of its life. Yes, news and releases have slowed down in 2018, to a trickle next year, but the Vita is still firmly clutched by many gamers.

They all have their reasons, but I preferred the Vita (and PSP before it) as my primary games device because it was always there at a seconds notice, wherever I was in the world on whatever mode of transport. No endless firmware or multi-gig game updates, and the battery (even of my launch day model) and power management still laughs in the face of smartphones and the Nintendo Switch.

Then there's the huge library, from launch games that still look good today, to a still-growing roster of indies that can scratch any gaming itch. Yes, I now have a Switch, PS4 and X1 in the family, but it will take them some time to erase all the fond memories of Sony's portables.

Since I own many digitally, I can cycle through the library and replay them (having forgotten how fun they were first time around), while snapping up physicals that will see me through the inevitable delistings and closure of the Vita store in the coming years.

But ultimately, the Vita community is small enough to be a valued part of and something to care about, unlike the juggernauts of bigger or more modern consoles. It became my little corner of the Internet and I thank everyone who's visited or got in touch from gamers, developers, publishers, would-be coders and artists over the eight years I've been posting.

I hope I've helped keep the Vita flame flickering - see you in 2019!

P.S. I know the names of a few titles yet to be announced, and there's plenty of good stuff on the way!

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