Super Mutant Alien Assault lands on Vita

Sticking out among the first rush of AAA PS4 games for the autumn, Chris Suffern's Super Mutant Alien Assault is up on PSN for the Vita, bringing us gorgeous glowing pixel destruction. Packed with weapons, skills and perks, your droids must protect fleets carrying humanity to the stars from aliens who don't want our scummy carcasses landing in their neigbourhoods.

Inspired by the likes of Super Crate Box, it is full of single-screen levels where you need to defeat the attackers as fast as possible using the hugely varied arsenal and unlockables. Players must figure out hte quickest route to success, if the aliens survive too long, the ship’s radiation will mutate them into bigger, nastier versions.

No Vita trailer or screens that I can find, so enjoy the PS4 clip from a couple of years back.

UPDATE: Looks like the game had some early PSN issues, but hopefully fixed now.

UPDATE 2: Confirmed the PSN issues are fixed, get playing everybody!