Sony jumps on the retro classic console bandwagon

In a move that will surprise no one, Sony has dragged out the original PlayStation for minification with 20 original era games. The minute it was announced, people started bitching about the game choice. However, Vita owners are already well ahead of the game.

Games you can play from the list on your Vita right now include: Final Fantasy VII, Ridge Racer Type 4, Jumping Flash and Wild Arms, so why bother? Only Tekken 3 is missing in the EU, and there's 15 more titles to be announced. However, note the small print, "Software titles cannot be added on via download or any other way"

My first thought is why didn't they do a portable version based on the Vita design, rather than having those blotchy blob polys and vertexes writ large on a HD screen? At least give people the choice.

Also, the controllers are pre-DualShock, so expect lots of tabloid "PlayStation sent my child to the hospital with his thumbs rubbed off" stories!

Vita owners, why wait until December? 

Having read some comments, also wonder what the chance is of Sony pulling those games from PSN to make this more "exclusive" - time to download them if you've got them.

It costs £90 and hits in December, hopefully not in limited edition numbers to cause pointless eBay frenzies! Second thought, what's inside this thing? Is it basically a PSTV (it only runs at 720p) resolution with a new OS and interface?