Jack N' Jill DX gets Vita trophies

Original a mobile game from 2014 by Rohan Narang, Jack N' Jill DX sounds like a Vita update. Describe as a cute retro platformer, the Game Boy monochrome release has a strong 8-bit vibe. The trophy listing offers 11 gold and a platinum. The author was also behind Squareboy vs Bullies.

Trying to find out what the DX version adds to the 140 levels over 4 worlds of the original. Of more interest would be Jack N' Jill 3D, a colourised, sharper-looking successor that came out on iOS last year. Hopefully that too will get a Vita release.

Here's a look at the original, while I try and find some more details. Based on the throw-away trophies and Squareboy history, guess this will be another Ratalaika release.

UPDATE: All confirmed and coming in September