FullBlast lines up Vita in its sights

UFO Crash Games' shooter from 2016, FullBlast looks like it is on the way to the Vita via a fresh trophy listing. Flying over a modern city scape, mech insectoid/fish-like alien invaders roll in in waves and need taking out, cue a natty attack craft and a wide range of weapons.

First thought is its a shame the aliens don't do damage to the city around them, and the faster you shoot them the better "protection" bonus, or similar, you get. Second one is, I wonder how the Vita will cope with the rotating sections when the boss enemies turn up. Also, hope there's a portrait mode to get rid of the borders, or just do away with them all together.

Still, another shooter is always welcome on the Vita, and Ratalaika and their porting friends are proving total demons when it comes to providing the Vita with entertainment.

UPDATE: Ratalaika has confirmed an early September release for FullBlast