Canned Mega Drive shooter HardCore brings the noise to Vita

Two points here. There are many legendary cancelled games across developer history. Imagine's Bandersnatch, NovaLogic's Necrocide and many more fell by the way side for a host of reasons. Check out Unseen64 for a massive list across history's gaming formats.

Second, physical publishers focused on limited runs of indie titles can only farm the current and recent crop so far down the food chain before people stop buying, because they aren't good enough or are too niche. Therefore a logical archaeological exercise is to start digging up some of those abandoned games and bring them back to life, assuming the code, music and art assets still exists.

Step forward Strictly Limited who have dug into coding history and pulled a corker out of the bag. Hardcore looks fucking epic. To be crude, it's Bitmap Bros. meets Turrican, but so much more

One of the surely-would-have-been-a-hit efforts from legendary publisher Psygnosis and Swedish developed Digital Illusions (who first shot fame with the Pinball Illusions games, and are now EA-DICE). But the good news is the lost-to-history title, originally planned for the Mega Drive, is coming to PS4 and Vita next year.

The official site has more details and screens, and will be the place to sign up for the limited editions. Given that the new-but-old Mega Drive game Xeno Crisis is only coming to the Switch and PS4, this is great news. But I now start wondering, what gems will the publishers dig up next? From a massive seven years ago, here's a very early dream list of mine (of published games), will have to browse through the dumped project list to see what would be great.