Ratalaika and Appnormals bringing Stay to the Vita

Wow, that's quite some press release claim: "To experience a game like STAY, is to juggle life and death." Whatever, its another cool-looking game headed to the Vita.

Protagonist Quinn has found himself in quite the tricky situation and he is going to need your help if he is to survive and make it to one of STAY’s seven different endings and if that’s got your interest piqued, you can learn even more about STAY, with the details below:

Quinn is a hapless soul who has only gone and got kidnapped and left forsaken in a derelict building, on the verge of ruin. With only a PC to keep him company in his multi-ending pixel-art adventure, although players can’t control him directly, they can control his actions via communication and keep him company. Discovering who is responsible for Quinn’s kidnapping and why he was taken in the first place, is no small task.

If you walk away from Quinn and STAY, not to return for a good few hours, due to real time, hours will pass in the game as well. If left on his own for too long, in this 24 Chapter long game, Quinn can lose all trust he has in you, start acting desperate and even go insane.

The game plays for eight to 10 hours with around 40 ways for poor old Quinn to die.

Update: Trophies now up! and a release date is confirmed for the  week of the 10th of September