Waking Violet and Master of Mayhem line up for Vita

Such is the weird state of Vita news, entire games can come and go with no one noticing. Recently The Mooseman (this week from Shinzir) and State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem (last week by Lapovich Games) appeared as trophy listings on Exphase, suggesting a near release date.

UPDATE: Scratch Mooseman off the list  as the developer has issued a clarification. Still haven't heard about MoM.

Original story: Just goes to show, when the news is thin, in the perils of believing pretty much any online source when it comes to Vita games.

Both games seem to be about a year old PC titles and are Russian/Belaryussian developed, which is a positive-sounding source of new Vita games if the rest of the world is slowing down. Beyond their Steam pages, there isn't a huge amount of detail on the console ports, so check back for any updates.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: But in the Moose's place comes Waking Violet, a game with no history, no social media mentions, and a Twitter account that's never tweeted. Some digging and Twitter help (thanks @maryjenbeck) tracks it down to the Mixed Bag published game that was teased recently by Marco Mastropaolo and there's a teaser website up here.