Limited Run keeps it real at E3 with The House of Fata Morgana and more

If Vita owners want games, then Limited Run has shown the way with limited physical editions helping boost sales, attract developers and create a buzz around a niche platform that would otherwise be a lot closer to death.

The little company that roared had its own Twitch show today, wrapped in a fake E3 keynote, to highlight its latest reveals, with much of the Vita's remaining most-wanted titles getting boxed releases, plus some all-new additions, including:

All new The House of Fata Morgana 2019 release

BiFrost/Konjak's Iconoclasts.
MidBoss 2064:Read Only Memories (announced last year, but dev time!)
Sukeban's Va-11 Hall-A (also announced last year, but even more dev time!)

Senran Karuga Bon Appetit
Salt and Sanctuary
Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds Overdrive

Exile's End

Catch a replay here.
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