Vita sales could sneak over the 6 million mark in Japan

Among the bad news, Vita dead stories and generally shrugging by anyone outside this happy little community, there's are some bright spots! In Japan, the Vita has sold 5,852,250 units as of last week, according to Media Create figures. Famitsu has it at 5.75 million for balance!

If sales trundle along at this year's average (4,600) for the rest of the year, it could crack six million before 2019/2020's inevitable retirement announcement. Who knows what is sold in Europe and America, and it doesn't really matter. By official estimates, around 12-15 million total puts it above the Wii U, the equally dumped-upon Dreamcast and many more.

*2011 -  launch, three weeks on-sale, 2018 = 18 weeks

Yes, in both cold hard business and clickbait article terms, the figures are not great compared to PSP/3DS/Switch etc. But, Vita-lovers understand the innate value in the console, the near-perfect form factor, the blistering array of indie and Japanese titles, the social features that Nintendo even now can't provide, and for setting the template for Switch to follow.

All of which goes way beyond Sony's budget projections and forecast sheets, and feeble marketing comprehension. Which is why the company has surrendered the portable market away to Nintendo and is sneakily trying to support it through Sony Music. Sure, Sony must focus on PS4/PS5 and the limping PSVR to play to its strengths, but us Vita fans are still here cheering on the small victories into 2019 and beyond.