Top PSN April downloads, God of War back from the dead

In the U.S., interest in the new God of War game saw the Vita collection shoot to the top of the portable downloads section. Cosmic Star Heroine is the only new release to muscle her way in among the usual old stagers. Not bad considering it only had a few days on-sale at the end of the month.

Europe stopped posting a Vita chart recently, just when things could be getting interesting. So, there's even less information for us to go on. Here's hoping the likes of Sir Eatsalot, Reverie and Rogue Aces made some sort of impact.

It's pathetic that sales figures are NDA'd by Sony, preventing developers from promoting their game effectively, and consequently the Vita if any of the above do manage to be a decent hit!

U.S. PSN Vita downloads (April)

1 God of War: Collection PS Vita
2 Persona 4 Golden
3 Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition
4 Jak and Daxter Collection
5 Cosmic Star Heroine
6 Mary Skelter: Nightmares
7 Salt and Sanctuary
8 Persona 4: Dancing All Night
9 Muramasa Rebirth Complete Collection
10 The King of Fighters ’97 Global Match