More #screenshotsaturday fun for the Vita

Games are still coming to the Vita, no worries about that. I tweet or retweet about them as much as I can. You can also follow their progress through their Kickstarter updates, and various Tweet streams including #screenshotsaturday and many trailers.

Check out the latest progress for Valfaris and Shakedown Hawaii, both headed to Vita. It would definitely be cool if more Vita devs could show their works this way as it seems to be one of the more popular ways about finding out about games.

There are also hundreds of other games in development for PC, mobile and consoles, some of which it can't hurt to ask if they could produce a Vita version. Wonder if Pico8 games can be ported to Vita or just run natively on it somehow? That'd be a useful source of fun!