Metal Max Xeno final trailer spins its tracks

UPDATE: NIS America has just confirmed the western release is PS4 only, in the teaser clip below. This comes as an immense bummer, if not a surprise. Commence your campaigning now! I'd like NISA to put a price tag on a Vita version and run a Kickstarter just to see if there's genuine interest in them doing it!

Original story: With the absence of anything like a Freedom Wars sequel or spin off, Japan is light on modern team battling games, so perhaps Metal Max Xeno will fill the void.

The bubbly cast battle massive mechs in their tanks, and dismount for some light RPGing. Check out the latest trailer from Kadokawa, the game is out next week.

The game got a decent Famitsu review, scoring 8/8/8/7 [31/40], but are enough fans around from the early 90s of the original release to make an impact on the chart?