New Vita releases pop up in Japan's top 10 led by Idolish 7 Twelve Fantasia

The latest Media Create chart shows that Vita games can still sell. Idolish 7 Twelve Fantasia is the highest entry at No. 4 selling 21,500 which is a very good haul. The Vita version of Secret of Mana 2 manages almost 18K sales at No. 7. That's well below the PS4 version which saw almost double the sales at No. 2.

However, Virtual On vs A Certain Magical Index bombed out, selling only 9,200 on Vita for No. 16, again with half the sales of the PS4 version, which seems to be a trend. Those games help Vita sales rise to just under 5,000 units for the week,

Out this week is Your Four Knight Princesses Training Story from Nippon Ichi, which looks lively enough to generate some interest and is a three-way battle between Vita, Switch and PS4.