Latest Media Create sales and Famitsu review scores

Vita sales storm back over the 4K barrier to 4,200 in Japan last week according to Media Create. That's perhaps as there are plenty of games coming soon to tempt buyers, or it could just be another round of updaters, grabbing consoles before they vanish. Either way, there's no Vita games in the chart, although that will change next week.

Its a busy week for releases in Japan with the Vita dominating the top end of latest Famitsu scores, and its great to see Iconoclasts get some coverage among this decent mix of titles arriving in Japan this week or very soon.

Let’s Manga  34/40 (art and creation app)
Iconoclasts  33/40
Cyber Troopers: Virtual On  33/40
Secret of Mana – 30/40
Idolish7 Twelve Fantasia! (PSV) – 29/30