Check out Enkidu's moves in Under Night In-BIRTH Exe:Late[st]

PQube continue to throw out the news for the latest Under Night brawler, arriving this week on all PlayStation platforms. This week we meet Enkidu, a close to mid-range fighter who doesn't need big combos to deal out some serious damage with slow but hard-hitting attacks.

His game plan mainly revolves around close quarters combat – getting in and pressuring his opponent into the corner. Once he controls the corner, he excels at keeping his foe there and overwhelming them when they have nowhere to go.

First Prohibition is a big punch with multiple follow-ups. The A and B version start with the same initial attack, but if followed-up with A, Enkidu will execute a series of punches leading to a palm strike that leaves the opponent grounded. If followed-up with B, he will execute a sweep and a big uppercut that launches the opponent. The EX version is one big punch that sends the opponent flying across the screen. It can lead to a wall-bounce if performed close to the edge of the screen, allowing for follow-up attacks.

Chained Limbs is Enkidu's diagonal attack of choice, both to anti-air and to challenge pressure. This attack launches Enkidu in the air with pair of upkicks. The A and B version both have upper body invincibility, making them the perfect ways of dealing with jumping attacks. The EX version has full invincibility and is a great way of breaking your opponents' pressure. It also causes a wall-bounce, leaving the opponent vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

The 'Wind Blade' is a special move dive kick. Can be cancelled into from air attacks and from Enkidu's Force Function. The A and B version is a standard dive kick, while the EX version does more damage, can be cancelled into from other special moves in addition to the Force Function, and can be comboed off of on the ground afterward.