2017 Vita releases bely "dead" status

January is depressing enough without more echoes of the well-worn refrain that the Vita is dead. If that was the case, then release numbers would be slumping, but the Vita had more EU PSN releases last month than it did in December 2017.

Sure the numbers aren't massive, I guess you could always add in physical and limited releases if you wanted to pad! And, with 100 games still in western development/porting or translation, it looks like we're good for another good year - thank you, devs!

What has probably slipped is the retail value of games with fewer £30 or higher releases, but those numbers are all over the place, October was the cheapest month with an average of £8.10 a game while June was horrendous at £22 average price per release.

As with last year, January and February should be pretty quiet, with around 4/5 releases per month. But expect things to pick up in spring as the release list firms up. NIS America also has its press event in February, so that could add a few more delights.