Digimon Hacker's Memory outsells PS4 version in Japan

Bandai's Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory is the biggest selling Vita game for ages, shifting 24,636 physical copies, and reasonably spanking the 20,890 copies sold on PS4. At least it proves a big enough name will sell on the Vita and gives further reason for the Vita to succeed in 2018 with the likes of Catherine on the way.

On the hardware front, Vita sold 9,049 units last week, another nudge in the right direction but dwarfed by the 221K Switch sales. Guess this is mostly seasonal sales and users upcycling, although new games could be driving some buyers to the stores.

Last week's figures here. Since I'm the lucky recipient of a Switch, I'll soon be able to do a proper comparison between the two. But, clearly, Nintendo has caught the wave with the right product at the right time, crushing PS4 sales.