Cheers to the Vita community for a great 2017, and by some miracle a good-looking 2018

There's so much I wanted to write in this year, but never had the time or the reality to proceed with. For example, there's no "Here's how good movies look on Sony's HD Vita OLED successor" or "10 new cool features in the latest Vita firmware update."

I'd also love to spend time recording quality videos for YouTube but it has long been established I have a face for radio and a voice for mime! However, others have been producing sterling work, and doing Sony's job for them, supporting the Vita through Hell and low puddles, alongside my little blog here.

Somehow, by the miracles worked from the people below, despite Sony having moved on and the specialist press only getting excited at hacks, games they want to talk about or feature removals, the Vita is looking at a strong 2018! Well done everyone for making and talking about the games.

Love your developer

First are foremost are the developers still crafting games, hustling ports and working their butts off to bring us entertainment well into 2018 and beyond, for what it has to be said, is a minimal reward. You can follow those active on Twitter, on this list. Free free to nudge me with any additions.

Be kind to content makers

Quite a few people are still maintaining the community with Vita sites and blogs. Kresnik Ahtreide‏ has put a huge amount of effort into a fine set of articles on the output of key publishers from Sony, Atlus, Aksys, Sega, Devolver and others who have helped keep the ball rolling.

Sites like Vita Player continue with a wide range of news and reviews, and there are many more in other languages from Poland to Spain and far beyond. Check out the full list on the Vita Family page.

Blue Maxima's YouTube channel or 2old4gaming are good places to head for gameplay clips of the latest games and news. Gadget Girl Kylie has plenty of walkthroughs for the likes of Digimon, Sword Art Online and other epics.

Then we have folk like 6axis who provide regularly scheduled multiplayer get-togethers, to keep games like Freedom Wars, Killzone and God Eater together.