Catherine Full Body revealing on Vita

Atlus in Japan has announced a remake/refresh of the PS3 title Catherine. It revolves around the nightmares of a man dating two women, Catherine and Katherine, with a third lady added to the party for this update. Hitting PS4 and Vita next year, more news on what is now Catherine: Full Body is due in a couple of days.

UPDATE: Famitsu has published with a raft of details that are floating across various sites.

The new version features different endings, FMV and "sexy" events. To help get people through to the end, there's a fuller range of difficulty levels and gameplay tweaks. The third girl is called Rin who works at Vincent’s usual bar, creating a set of new branches for the story.

No word on a western release, yet.

The update is being worked on by Studio Zero, with Katsura Hashino, the director of Persona 5 taking the helm. There's a website here with the new information coming via Nico Nico on Friday.