Ratalaika publishing retro-platformer "0000" on Vita

Is this the most retro game to hit the Vita yet? The first of Ratalaikia's publishing projects for 2018, "0000" from Alvarop is an almost ZX-81-style "hard as nails" platformer. Featuring one-bit mode visuals, you play a cowboy sent to beat 100 levels of tricky jumps and traps, packed with spikes, lasers, spiders, the usual!

Fail and you are randomly dumped on another level, until you have beaten them all and then get to replay it all again in hardcore mode (without dying for the trophy!!!!). With a level editor and multiplayer race mode, it might not look much, but everything is in the gameplay.

The game is also getting a PS4 release, official site here.  Ratalaika also has three more games on the way, check the release list for the vaguest of hints!