Outlands' North to mess with your mind

North is one of (many) games I know nothing about, but the review highlights up on its Steam and home page suggest something interesting is coming our way. The game has a set of Vita trophies appeared, so I guess a release is coming soon thanks to publisher Sometimes You.
“NORTH feels like a breath of fresh air in an indie gaming landscape that is quickly becoming saturated with titles that address hard hitting topics, but still feel as though something is missing. One can only hope that other developers take notice.” - Motherboard
“NORTH is a fantastic blend of sci fi adventure and social commentary in which you explore a bizarre futuristic Blade Runner-esque city, filled with strange creatures and strange customs.” - Free Game Planet
This video makes a fair effort at explaining it without giving anything away, and while it might be a short game, it looks well worth investigating and support the developer and publisher.