Luc Bernard announces SkullPirates for Vita and PS4

Arcade Distillery continues to support the Vita with some fine looking games. Next up is action RPG SkullPirates, revealed in this tweet just minutes ago. Following that is War Theatre, a strategy RPG. Fill your boots!

Update: SkullPirates is set for a Halloween 2018 release!

Hopefully, it will have more refined gameplay than Plague Road, which looks awesome but was a little stilted, but with a fast learning curve. They seem to have borrowed the visual tone of Plague Road, but folded it into a more action-based game with RPG mechanics, can't wait. Time to tick off one of the Vita's unannounced games list from the release schedule.

Again, the visual theme is familiar, but the volume of characters and the level of aggression has been kicked up a few notches.