Japanese video Friday, novels and music

Starting off today with a new Our World is Ended character trailer. There's a bunch of these now on the Red YouTube channel and they either look so boring or repulsive that I'm pretty glad their world is ending! The visual novel is out next week in Japan.

Idolish7's new Vita project is Twelve Fantasia, published by Bandai and looking very perky in a battle of the boy-bands style. The game is out next February, and while the interactive sections look like a bunch of mini-games, it could still be fun.

As a footnote, quite a few western fans on Twitter lining up to buy a Vita just for this game.

Finally, for now, a new Broccoli VN, Killer and Strawberry, gets its intro video airing... all breathy singing but against a dark almost cyberpunk city background and an armed spy/assassin - interesting and with a July 2018 release date!