Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana launch trailer and exclusive DLC

Out now in Europe, Falcom's Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana is a massive RPG adventure and the PS Vita version comes with an epic limited edition and a bunch of exclusive DLC (list below). Check out the launch trailer to meet the characters and storyline.

PS Vita DLC List: Deserted Pirate Adol, Deserted Pirate Laxia, Deserted Pirate Sahad, Deserted Pirate Hummel, Deserted Pirate Ricotta, Deserted Pirate Dana, Tropic Swimwear Adol, Tropic Swimwear Laxia, Tropic Swimwear Ricotta, Tropic Swimwear Dana, Hug Hug Feena, Hug Hug Lilia, Hug Hug Dark, Stylish Glasses Set, Stylish Sunglasses Set, Ancient Mask Set, Free Set 1, Free Set 2.