Persona series returns to the Vita with two new dancing games

Get ready for more disco fun with former and current generations of Persona crew as Atlus Japan unveils two new games. Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5 Dancing Star Night have been revealed for Sony's handheld. The site is live but the video links are currently unavailable.

Did you enjoy Persona 3 Portable on the PSP or Vita, get ready to groove with Yukari and Junpei once more - hopefully without everyone blowing their brains out!

Both games are listed for PS4 and Vita, but will likely use the Persona 4: Dancing All Night engine. That game was fun to play but the story dragged a lot, so hopefully things will be a bit more dynamic with these new games. Since they both have English main titles, guessing a western release newsflash won't be too far behind!