Review Don't Die, Mr Robot!

Currently a PS+ game, Don't Die, Mr Robot! is a neon-tinged, fruit-filled, robotic game of survival where your dear Mr. Robot is a target across many, many puzzles. The hypnotic game has an arcade, chill and time trial modes for practicing and honing skills, but it's in Remix mode that the game really shines with 50 puzzles and increasing rewards for your performance.

You can scoot through the first 20-odd, picking up bronze or silver medals, the odd gold or platinum, but soon you need to head back to get the higher rankings to open up later levels. That's where perfecting your skills really come to the fore, be it dodging enemy robots by the narrowest of margins, herding fruit, collecting coins or simply staying alive.

The coins can be used to collect new skins and costume accessories, or open access to special guests, who add a few limited powers to spice things up, but that's pretty much window dressing. With its vibrant colour scheme and an excellent collection of pacy electronic tracks, DDMR is a pitch perfect portable title, great for a quick blast, and to compare your score against the global and friend leaderboards.

The game could do with a little more variety when it comes to nasties, but the different gameplay challenges generally mean you're too busy focusing to notice, and if you get stuck on a challenge,  go back to chill mode and relax for a while! Certainly, this is the only game that's ever made me go, "not now, I'm collecting aubergines!"
The trick to getting high up the rankings is to maximise your fruit combos, kills and narrow scrapes to get huge combos, but each second you wait adds more chaos to the screen and requires pixel-perfect timing. It is hard not to love DDMR and be sucked in by the challenge, and is an utter bargain among the many smaller games on PSN.

Score: 7/10
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Price: £2.89 (PSN) (currently a PS+ title)
Size: 217MB
Dev: Infinite State
Progress: Fruit Pie