Lots of Vita news from Anime Expo

For future reference, next year, don't worry about nothing on the Vita from E3. July is where its at, with Anime Expo providing more news, to keep feeding the weeaboos.

First up we have Aksys bringing a pair of visual novels, Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly and Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk next year. A pair of otome titles, they seem to be better known for their music than any actual game.

They will come along with 7'Scarlet to bolster the Vita's VN roster. This lot seem to have sold around 5K each in Japan, so western releases are more likely to help them turn a profit.

Already on the release list, but now with a launch date is Bad Apple Wars which will land at the end of September. That's the same time as Danganprona V3 which probably isn't the best sales move, but we'll see.