Anonymous Code heads to the Vita, maybe more Steins Gate

Yes, I took the punctuation out of the titles, because it screws with social media. But the main news is that a new visual novel from the world of Steins;Gate is coming our way, with possibly a new entrant in the main series, also from Chiyomaru Studio and publisher 5pb.

Update: Steins Gate Elite confirmed for a Japanese release in spring 2018.

We already knew Anonymous;Code, was coming to the Vita. It is set in 2027, with a hacker story.

Steins;Gate Elite will be the next in the series, and while that is TBA on the formats front, given the huge success of the Vita version around the world, it would be a bit harsh of 5pb to drop it yet.

UPDATE: Steins Gate Elite, al all-video update to the original, has been confirmed for the Vita, with a western release hinted at by PQube.