Vita rival PGS handheld PC goes Titanium

If you're looking for an after-Vita gaming device, but don't think Nintendo can cut it, there are plenty of others out there, from endless Tegra-powered Android model handhelds to this full PC in a portable console. The PGS must be doing some business as the company behind it are pushing out new models, with Titanium casing and a new software bundle.

A new limited edition, the PGS Hardcore Titanium is due for the end of Q2 2017, with some custom gear for early buyers. Offering full Windows 10 gaming, plus all the emulators you want without having to jump through Henkaku hoops, perhaps this is your next gaming machine? Check out their blog for more details and the system's spec which remains unchanged with an Atom X7 Quad Core CPU and Intel HD video, which might not cut it for big-screen gaming, but should be decent enough for a small screen device.
With all this market activity, and new interest thanks to the Switch is Sony really going to let the Vita go quietly into the night?