Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization, Warriors of the Sky free DLC next week

Missed this, and never really got into the series, but if you're hooked on the latest dose of virtual team battling and exploring, Bandai has a new free DLC pack coming next week to expand the game. It features the Salvatos Ruins, a new stage including many additional new areas, and a brand-new adventure with two new characters, both from Sword Art Online Lost Song, Seven and Rain!

It also offers wasys test your abilities in duels with the Duel System. Rules are simple: one-on-one matches of 8 minutes against other players but also against monsters thanks to the newly added PvE Mode! Ranks, buffs, treasure chests and many other rewards are at stake.

Two additional free DLCs will also be added with Warriors of the Sky: Lord of Inferno and Missing Chest. In the first one, you will be able to challenge a strong raid boss in Salvatos Ruins, after completing Warriors of the Sky. In the second one, the Missing Treasure Chest will appear in Teleport Plaza and you will be able to exchange Gold Pieces for items. In addition, this new update will also include the Sacrament Dungeon 3, containing 8 brand-new high-level dungeons.