Super Robot Wars V shifts 83K on Vita in Japan

Namco's Super Robot Wars V did pretty well in Japan, selling 100K on the PS4, and almost 84K on the Vita. Together that's not far off what Nier Automata managed at the top of the new Media Create chart for PS4. I wonder how good the sales of the Asian version with English subtitles are doing?

New in at No. 5, selling 13,500, is Haruka 3 Ultimate, a pastel visual novel that even got its own Limited Edition Vita. Looks like Sony will chuck out an LE for almost any game now! But these are not helping to move hardware much, leaving the Vita in the low teens of Japanese market share.

Quite what the arrival of the Switch will do remains to be seen - will it grab the majority of developers still keen on the Vita, that would be bad!

Those sales help the Vita creep back over 10K sales on the week. Winning Post 8 and Musou Stars are out this week in Japan to help nudge sales along.