New otome brand hits Japan, more school-based shenanigans

Karinto is a new brand focused on otome games from Karasuri. Its first release roughly translates as School Run X Japanese Sword "Otome Sword Musashi"and features Musou as a girl at a school loaded with handsome swordsmen, athletes and other charming creatures.

Dengeki has some character profiles, and the game is slated for a Vita release in 2017.

[Synopsis - auto translated]

I'm a high school student who lives in the country.

But one day, I picked up the key to a locked warehouse and picked up a stick from a wooden tree inside.
At that time,
I heard a voice saying "Second generation, my wood sword, treasure."
I did not care at that time, but from the next day it will be serious!
People who held the sword came and said "Musashi, a game!
Everyone says that I am the second generation of Musashi, and I will be in trouble even if I am killed, but the opponent does ... If
the defeat of the sword is overcome, it is true that my fate to follow the winner for the rest of my life.
Is not that strange in this era?
How in the world is it! Is it?