Emerald Shores to shine this summer

Emerald Shores is the result of a one-man indie project, Fordesoft, and will sparkles on PSN this summer. A platformer RPG, it borrows from classics like Super Mario World but throws in character levels that add power and new skills.

The main storyline will have at least 20 main levels, 5 boss battles, really short cutscenes, a few secret unlockable levels (find those hidden exits), and then something for those who manage to complete all of the secret levels. There's a Remix Mode which plays just like the original story mode, but all levels are rearranged to be more difficult.

There are two world maps: the one you see in the trailer, and then a floating island called Emerald Shores. Levels have powerups hidden in them, which grant abilities like double-jumping and throwing fireballs. Not confirmed yet, but the plan is $9.99 and cross-buy between PS4 and Vita.