Media Create sales snooze on in Japan

The hardware sales continue to drift down as Japan waits to see what impact the Nintendo Switch will have. On the Media Create chart, Vita sales dive to below 10K at 9, 626. And there's no Vita action with only Danganronpa V3 sticking around the top 10 and has sold double the PS4's number.

Last week's high entry, Uta no Prince-sama Repeat Love, dives into the low-teens, but still sold another 4,000 - taking it to 33K, not bad for a VN. There's not much out this week to drive sales, but Diabolik Lovers: Lost Eden, Ys Origin and Super Robot Taisen V roll out over the coming fortnight.

Over in this week's Famitsu, the latest scores are out with:

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII + Power-Up Kit  – 9/8/9/9 [35]
Diabolik Lovers: Lost Eden – 8/8/8/9 [33]
Nidhogg – 7/7/6/7 [27]