Tactical battle game, Dynasty Warriors Godseekers hits PSN this week

Taking its cues from the Dynasty Tactics series, Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers brings tactical gameplay to the Vita and PS4 this week. Players must strategically move their units across a grid-based battlefield to defeat opposing forces, all with various skills and weapons (and costumes).

The game unfolds during the chaotic end days of the Han dynasty, a period in Chinese history when ancient China was overwhelmed by uprisings and internal strife within its imperial court.

Famed warrior Zhao Yun and his pal Lei Bin unwittingly liberate a young girl, Lixia, from a mystical prison, and in their efforts to unravel the mystery behind her imprisonment, uncover a hidden, terrible fate. The two friends and the mysterious Lixia then find themselves entangled in a pivotal struggle for the salvation of the world, and take part in a battle that will echo throughout history.