New trailer shows Toukiden 2 coming March 24th

A new action-packed trailer is out today, confirming a Vita release for Toukiden 2. It shows off the versatile Demon Hand device and the village of Mahoroba, as well as some of the new characters who will aid players on their quest. The game is out on the 24th in Europe, on the 21st in the US.

Pre-orders (up now on for a physical version) will receive the ‘Tenko Costume’ armour, allowing Slayers to dress up as their fluffy partners, as well as the “Sanada Masayuki”, “Sanada Noboyuki”, “Sarutobi Sasuke” and “Chiku Rin In” Mitama to bolster player’s skills and abilities and aid them on their Oni-slaying adventure.


  1. The ps vita had a rough time getting sales but I will say they got some great games and software. This game looks epic, I just hope there are multiplayer options. This game looks intense and well worth the wait.


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